Presentation Evening

The Presentation Evening for the 2016/17 season was held at Fareham Leisure Centre on Sunday 2nd April.


Exhibition games

Under-13 Select VI 151 for 2 (12 ov) Havant 107 for 5 (12 ov)
B Clarke 25*, W Parvin 20* J Lee 26
Under-13 Select VI won by 44 runs
Colts Under-13 Select VI
The Colts Under-13 Select side
Under-16 Select VI 153 for 3 (12 ov) Portsmouth & Southsea 101 for 3 (12 ov)
T Sherry 32*, J Kooner-Evans 30*, J Harris 27* O Kanavan 23, J Richards 2/20
Under-16 Select VI won by 52 runs
Colts Under-16 Select VI
The Colts Under-16 Select side

Presentation of awards

The Colts awards were presented by Rebecca Stemp from our Sponsors, Game Set and Match, assisted by League President Carol Cooper.

Peter Faulkner Shield (Under-16 Champions)
Portsmouth & Southsea - Colts Under-16 champions
Portsmouth & Southsea
Ron Cross MBE Trophy (Under-13 Champions)
Havant - Colts Under-13 champions
Michael Austin Harlick Under-16 Batting Award
Joe Kooner-Evans (Portsmouth A) - Colts Under-16 leading run-scorer
Joe Kooner-Evans (Portsmouth A)
Michael Austin Harlick Under-16 Bowling Award
Freddie Gadd (Portsmouth & Southsea) - Colts Under-16 leading wicket-taker
Freddie Gadd (Portsmouth & Southsea)
Michael Austin Harlick Under-13 Batting Award
Jonty Oliver (Havant) - Colts Under-13 leading run-scorer
Jonty Oliver (Havant)
Michael Austin Harlick Under-13 Bowling Award
Jonty Oliver (Havant) - Colts Under-13 leading wicket-taker
Jonty Oliver (Havant)
Roy Jones Award (Colts Sporting and Efficiency Trophy)
Havant Under-13, Waterlooville Under-16 (shared) - Colts Sporting and Efficiency Trophy winners
Havant Under-13, Waterlooville Under-16 (shared)


Exhibition games

The Mayor of Fareham's VIII v Division 1 Champions' VIII
Waterlooville A 139 for 4 (12 ov) The Mayor of Fareham's VIII 135 for 6 (12 ov)
M Goddard 27*, J Scutt 25*, S Reynolds 24, J Kooner-Evans 2/17 D Wallis 34*, J Kooner-Evans 29*, P Bains 20, J Hudson 2/29, S Reynolds 2/34
Waterlooville A won by 4 runs
Mayor of Fareham's VIII
The Mayor of Fareham's VIII
Mayor's game winners
The trophy for the winners of the Mayor's game is presented to the captain of Waterlooville A
Division 2 Champions v Division 3 Champions
Petersfield 155 all out (12 ov) Portsmouth & Southsea A 95 all out (9.3 ov)
B Turk 41, K Dunstan 2/43 J Davies 38, D Marshall 4/27, B Turk 2/17
Petersfield won by 60 runs
Division 4 Champions v Committee/Umpires VI
Hambledon B 104 all out (12 ov) Committee/Umpires VI 56 all out (8.1 ov)
J Lewis 43*, N Lane 2/15, S Dean 2/22, J Hicks 2/27 J Lewis 2/4, S Ripiner 2/14, M Le-Clercq 2/20
Hambledon B won by 48 runs

Presentation of awards

The Senior awards were presented by Cllr Connie Hockley, Mayor of Fareham, accompanied by her Consort, Cllr Geoff Hockley, and assisted by League President Carol Cooper.

Peter Faulkner Shield (Division 1 Champions)
Waterlooville A - Division 1 champions
Waterlooville A
Barretts Shield (Division 2 Champions)
Portsmouth & Southsea A - Division 2 champions
Portsmouth & Southsea A
Ferguson Shield (Division 3 Champions)
Petersfield - Division 3 champions
Joan Vause Shield (Division 4 Champions)
Hambledon B - Division 4 champions
Hambledon B
A.R.Pay Batting Trophy
Dan Wallis (Portsmouth B) - Senior leading run-scorer
Dan Wallis (Portsmouth B)
Tony Dunster Memorial Bowling Cup
Jamie Lewis (Hambledon B) - Senior leading wicket-taker
Jamie Lewis (Hambledon B)
Alastair MacDonald Award (Senior Sporting and Efficiency Trophy)
Havant B - Senior Sporting and Efficiency Trophy winners
Havant B