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25th February 2018
4:15 A Havant v Portsmouth Colts Under-13
B Petersfield v Sarisbury Athletic Colts Under-13
5:15 A Havant v Hambledon Colts Under-16
B Fareham & Crofton v Sarisbury Athletic Colts Under-16
6:15 A Hambledon A v Portsmouth A Division 1
B Denmead v Bedhampton B Division 3
7:15 A Bedhampton C v Portsmouth & Southsea B Division 5
B Sarisbury Athletic v Steep Division 4
8:15 A Petersfield v XIIth Men A Division 3
B Portsmouth B v Portsmouth & Southsea A Division 2
9:15 A OPCS Titchfield v Portsmouth Academics Division 5
B Bedhampton A v Fareham & Crofton A Division 1
4th March 2018
4:15 A Fareham & Crofton v Portsmouth & Southsea Colts Under-13
B Hambledon v Emsworth Colts Under-13
5:15 A Portsmouth B v Gosport Borough Colts Under-16
B Portsmouth & Southsea v Portsmouth A Colts Under-16
6:15 A Waterlooville B v Gosport Borough A Division 2
B Havant B v Curdridge Division 3
7:15 A Fareham & Crofton B v Gosport Borough B Division 4
B Afghan Society Portsmouth v United Services Division 5
8:15 A Portsmouth C v Bedhampton C Division 5
B Emsworth B v Hambledon C Division 5
9:15 A Portsmouth Academics v Droxford Division 5
B Portsmouth & Southsea B v OPCS Titchfield Division 5
11th March 2018
4:15 A Sarisbury Athletic v Gosport Borough Colts Under-13
B Waterlooville v Havant Colts Under-13
5:15 A Waterlooville v Fareham & Crofton Colts Under-16
B Hambledon v Petersfield Colts Under-16
6:15 A Portsmouth B v Waterlooville B Division 2
B Portsmouth & Southsea A v IBM South Hants Division 2
7:15 A Gosport Borough A v Hayling Island Division 2
B XIIth Men B v Portchester Division 4
8:15 A Knowle Village v Sarisbury Athletic Division 4
B Railway Triangle v Clanfield Division 4
9:15 A Gosport Borough B v Hambledon B Division 4
B Steep v Fareham & Crofton B Division 4
18th March 2018
4:15 A Portsmouth & Southsea v Petersfield Colts Under-13
B Portsmouth v Fareham & Crofton Colts Under-13
5:15 A Sarisbury Athletic v Portsmouth & Southsea Colts Under-16
B Portsmouth A v Havant Colts Under-16
6:15 A Hambledon A v Bedhampton A Division 1
B Portsmouth A v Waterlooville A Division 1
7:15 A Fareham & Crofton A v Havant A Division 1
B Hampshire Bowman v Bedhampton B Division 3
8:15 A St James Casuals v Petersfield Division 3
B XIIth Men A v Havant B Division 3
9:15 A Curdridge v Emsworth A Division 3
B Servicemaster v Denmead Division 3