Division 3

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16th December 2018
7:15 B Steep v Hampshire Bowman
8:15 A Denmead v Emsworth A
6th January 2019
7:15 A Petersfield v Hayling Island
13th January 2019
6:15 A Hampshire Bowman v XIIth Men A
B Sarisbury Athletic v IBM South Hants
9:15 A Hambledon A v Denmead
20th January 2019
9:15 A Emsworth A v Steep
27th January 2019
8:15 A IBM South Hants v Petersfield
B Hayling Island v Hampshire Bowman
3rd February 2019
7:15 A Denmead v Sarisbury Athletic
8:15 A XIIth Men A v Emsworth A
10th February 2019
5:15 A Steep v Hambledon A
9:15 B Petersfield v Hampshire Bowman
17th February 2019
6:15 B Sarisbury Athletic v Steep
7:15 A Emsworth A v Hayling Island
24th February 2019
8:15 A Hambledon A v XIIth Men A
9:15 B IBM South Hants v Denmead
3rd March 2019
8:15 B Denmead v Petersfield
10th March 2019
6:15 B Hampshire Bowman v Emsworth A
7:15 A Hayling Island v Hambledon A
8:15 B Steep v IBM South Hants
17th March 2019
6:15 B XIIth Men A v Sarisbury Athletic
31st March 2019
7:15 B Petersfield v Emsworth A
8:15 A Denmead v Steep
B Hambledon A v Hampshire Bowman
9:15 A IBM South Hants v XIIth Men A
B Sarisbury Athletic v Hayling Island